$10 Trillion Bitcoin Market Prediction Is Reportedly Too Conservative

There have been all kinds of bullish predictions about the price of Bitcoin these days, especially after the king coin began 2021 by hitting a new ATH daily.

When writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the king coin is priced at $35,723.42.

Bitcoin to hit more than $10 trillion market cap

It’s been revealed not too long ago that investor and prominent podcaster Preston Pysh said that anyone predicting Bitcoin would hit a market capitalization of $10 trillion is underestimating the BTC.

During a new interview with Saifedean Ammous of The Bitcoin Standard podcast, Pysh predicted that the king coin’s total market value could eventually soar above the $100 trillion marks.

“I will tell you this much. I think $10 trillion is laughable. I think people that are saying that it’s going to replace gold and like that’s the end state of this. I think that’s a total joke…” he said.

He continued and said: “When we talk about the buying power of one of those (21 million) coins, I think the number is probably $5 million to $10 million a coin. Something like that. And I think that’s being pretty conservative.”

In an era of seemingly endless money printing, Pysh addressed Bitcoin’s scarcity is the primary reason he’s so bullish.

“When I look at why is Bitcoin going to win – the thing that in my opinion is going to drive trust in the future is something that cannot be manipulated. Everyone in the world today is looking around and saying if a human is touching it, it’s manipulated,” he said.

He also explained that “And so I think in the future, the way people are going to be looking at it is if a human cannot touch it, and no government entity can manipulate it or touch it or gain access to it over another, well, that’s where the trust is at.”

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