2 Important Altcoins To Explode by Over 80%

2 Important Altcoins To Explode by Over 80%

It has been just revealed that there are 2 altcoins that are about to explode by over 80%. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Important altcoins to explode in price

A trader, who accurately predicted Bitcoin’s price floor in 2018, is now forecasting significant upward momentum for two of the top 50 altcoins.

Firstly, Solana (SOL), the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is expected to experience a surge in its value against Bitcoin (SOL/BTC), according to the anonymous analyst and trader, Bluntz.

The bullish SOL/BTC chart shows that Solana may likely soar against the US dollar.

Bluntz also mentioned that the previous SOL/BTC call was successful, and since the original post, SOL/BTC has rallied impulsively in five waves and has now undergone another ABC down.

In Bluntz’s opinion, SOL/BTC is about to experience significant upward momentum.

“I have no idea where USD pair goes in terms of levels, but I genuinely think it will be $140+.”

Solana is currently trading at $73.65, and in order to reach the target price of at least $140, it would need to appreciate by over 90%.

Moving on to the governance token of the decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol Aave (AAVE), Bluntz believes that the 50th largest altcoin by market cap appears ready for a significant breakout rally.

“Monster three-day candle on AAVE. Legit gearing up to gigasend.

Plenty of juice in the tank in my opinion, shouldn’t be aiming for anything less than $200 in my opinion.”

At the time of writing, the value of AAVE is $108.13. If it is to reach a target of $200, it would need to increase by 85%.

Regarding Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), Bluntz has recently expressed his bullish outlook on both crypto assets.

Initially, the anonymous crypto analyst had warned of a possible downturn for Bitcoin and Ethereum after the two leading crypto assets fell back from their ascending channel highs.

“Overnight price action made me do a 180 on this take. Sh*t looks bullish as f**k again.”


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