It has been predicted that 2024 could be a massive year for Bitcoin and crypto, according to the latest reports, if history could be considered a sign so far. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Bitcoin 2024 prediction

Crypto analyst Jason Pizzino has revised his prediction for Bitcoin (BTC) and the wider crypto market in 2024.

In a recent YouTube session, Pizzino informed his 303,000 subscribers that based on Bitcoin’s four-year cycles, significant gains could be expected this year.

He also mentioned that the upcoming US election year of 2024 has historically coincided with “ballistic” price movements when combined with the Bitcoin halving, which is expected in April.

The analyst referred to 2012, another election and halving year, and pointed out that the crypto markets ultimately went on a parabolic run after the election.

He said that something similar may be in play for the next couple of years.

“We did have a halving in November of 2012. We had an election in 2012. And we’ve got an election coming up this year as well. And after those elections, like we’ve covered already on the channel, the markets can go absolutely ballistic. In year two, you had Litecoin, DOGE was coming about, and there were some other coins that we don’t know of anymore…”

He continued and said:

“But you can see the market held its ground again, started to consolidate, broke out again, started to consolidate and then it went on this wild run, which looks pretty similar to what happened in 2016-2017. And I would say that’s pretty much where we currently sit in today’s market. Something similar, not exactly the same, but something similar as those previous years, which is why I’m looking at those years as a bit of a roadmap moving forward.”

Based on what he says has happened in the second year of each market cycle, Pizzino says that he expects capital to flow out of Bitcoin and into altcoins, sending them much higher.

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