In recent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news a Darknet phisher that goes by the name Phishkingz claimed in an interview on that he has earned $1 million US by stealing bitcoins primarily through phishing on AlphaBay.

AlphaBay has been in the news in recent days after the website was shut down on July 5. Alphabay had become one of the largest dark web marketplaces and had been selling illegal goods, class A drugs, pornography, stolen credit cards and weapons. When it was shut down Alphabay was doing just under $1 million US sales per day.

A canadian national living in Thailand, Alexandre Cazes, believed to be behind dark net marketplace was arrested July 5 by Thai police. Authorities seized several million dollars, three properties and four Lambourghinis owned by Mr Cazes, according to online sources.

Phishkingz who claims to have sold 500 stolen bitcoins over the past 14 months for roughly $1 million US stole the coins on Alphabay via a phishing scheme wherby Phishkingz found a glitch on the website that allowed him to see new members the second they joined. He would then send them to a link with a verification process and from there ”obtain the login details syncing, and the mnemonic phrases, as well as any PGP private key and password and pin code.”

When asked if he feels bad for taking peoples money Phishkingzs said ”I do feel bad but I also feel like I am teaching them a lesson they need to learn in places like these. They should be happy I’m a phisher and not a fed.

Phishkingz said his primary methoid is cloning ”I am able to obtain the login details syncing, and the mnemonic phrases, as well as any PGP private key and password and pin code. I used garlic software to clone the onion links, and tumblers and to mix the BTCs.”

According to Phishkingz he would ”Sometimes have to laugh at myself with the massive amounts of bitcoins that these people would throw at me, and us phishers out there.” He also stated that in 1 account alone he made over 400,000£ worth in BTC over the last 6 months. Phishing is very profitable on the darkeweb.

Phishkingz stated he was able to continue this method for over a year due to the little oversite Alphabay’s moderators provided their members. ”The admins didn’t really care about their customers, and it only took opening a support ticket with a problem to learn this. BM (Big Muscles – an Alphabay moderator) especially is a stupid one. He would let me into accounts for 50% if I provided mnemonic phrase knowing I had phished the account in the first place.”

In terms of cashing out Phishkingz stated he would ”save a bookmark using and then I would highlight 50 at a time every 20 minutes checking for deposits.I used a bot for cashing out but it took weekly maintenance to keep up with the updates on the bay. The admins were very good at closing loopholes and updating captchas etc.”

Asked what he plans to do now that Alphabay is gone Phishkingz said he has  ”moved to Dream Market and already made 4 BTC since yesterday launching the new site. With the migration many of my old accounts now work on Dream. I have had a few active vendors.”