The crypto market looks pretty mixed today, but Bitcoin is trading in the green. The king coin is currently priced at $9,742.57.

Adam Back praises Bitcoin on Twitter

After some allegations that floated online that he’s in fact the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Adam Back in here with a tweet that some called, “the tweet of the year.”

Vitalik Buterin hopped in the comments and said: “The metaphor is very correct, though probably not in the way that it was intended. (ok I actually *don’t* mean that BTC is a pyramid scheme; more that PoW and the pyramids are both epic wastes of resources).”

Hodlonaut said that this could be the tweet of the year and someone else had another interesting point of view:

“if you wanted to destroy the pyramids you would have to put in an equal amount of effort as went into building them. However, with regard to Bitcoin, you’d have an asymmetry here as more effort would have to be put into its destruction than what went into its creation.”

Bitcoin is on its way to $300k

Adam Back was in the spotlight not too long ago again when he said that Bitcoin will reach $300k.

It’s been said that Bitcoin and the crypto market need institutional investors for the king coin’s price to head over to the moon. Now, Adam Back pops up and says that this is not even necessary.

He also said that he’s a big believer in Bitcoin and he’ll never sell his holdings.

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