The rumor that BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF will be soon accepted started to make more and more waves in the crypto space while everyone is waiting for the big tsunami – the BTC price explosion that an acceptance from the SEC will bring.

Check out the latest reports from the digital space below.

BlackRock files yet another spot BTC ETF

Bitcoin Magazine just dropped the bomb on Twitter, now X, and announced the following:

As expected, the optimistic comments and happy traders have been showing in the comments: “If just 1% of investment funds’ assets were converted to $Btc, how crazy would the cryptocurrency market be after #BitcoinETF is approved? It’s hard to imagine what #candlestick charts will look like then someone else said:

“Impressive news indeed! The updated Bitcoin ETF application from BlackRock holds significant potential. With all eyes on the SEC, enthusiasts eagerly await their decision. The crypto community’s anticipation grows, fueled by the prospects of mainstream adoption. Exciting times lie ahead!”

Larry Fink addresses BTC ETF

Recently, we revealed the fact that It seems that the price of Bitcoin exploded following fake news of BTC approval. Scott Melker details that the report came from CoinTelegraph.

On Monday, Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, mentioned that the recent hike in the price of Bitcoin, triggered by a false news report about the approval of a spot ETF, is an example of the high interest in cryptocurrency that is currently present.

Fink mentioned that he cannot comment on the specifics of his own firm’s pending application for a spot Bitcoin ETF, but he has been receiving feedback “from clients from around the world about the need for crypto.” Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about all this. 

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