Another Day, Another Banking Scam: JPMorgan Chase Doing Nothing After $10,000 Exits Customer’s Account

Another Day, Another Banking Scam: JPMorgan Chase Doing Nothing After $10,000 Exits Customer’s Account

It has been reported that JPMorgan is involved in another banking scam. Check out the latest reports about this below.

JPMorgan’s new banking problems

A JPMorgan Chase customer named Cate Dutler from Arizona has reported that the bank refused to investigate or rectify the theft of $10,000 from her primary checking account.

According to a report by CBS-affiliated news station WTOC, Dutler sent a check to her relative in Chicago, but it never arrived. When she checked her online account, she found that the check had been intercepted and altered.

The scammer removed her relative’s name and wrote ‘Unprecedented Eats’ instead in the ‘pay to order’ line, and then cashed it. Dutler submitted an altered check claim to Chase within the allowed one-year time frame.

As noted by the online publication the Daily Hodl, as a response, Chase said the check was actually counterfeit – and the 65 day window to report that type of fraud time had passed.

“Chase Bank is doing nothing. And they’re telling me that it’s because I missed the deadline.”

Dutler says over the course of months, Chase repeatedly said it was investigating what happened and waiting for a response from TD Bank, where the check was cashed.

Now, the bank admits it never contacted TD Bank in the first place, and the matter is now closed.

“It’s a crime. It was fraud. And Chase has done nothing.”

WTOC says it’s tried to track down “Unprecedented Eats” – the name of the company on the altered check – to no avail.

A few days ago, we revealed the fact that the CEO of JPMorgan said that his personal advice is not to get involved in Bitcoin.

This is a curious thing, considering the fact that it comes just after the company became an authorized participant for BlackRock’s spot BTC ETF.

Stay tuned for more news from the crypto industry.



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