App Devs Can Choose Bitcoin Payments In iPhones

Bitcoin adoption is going great these days, and great things continue to happen in this direction.

App devs can choose Bitcoin payments in iPhones.

BBC News just noted that a court in Oakland, California, has ruled that Apple cannot stop app developers directing users to third-party payment options.

“Apple had argued that all apps should use Apple’s own in-app payment options,” according to the same notes.

It’s also been reported that in a high-profile trial, Epic Games had challenged the up-to-30% cut Apple takes from purchases – and argued that the App Store was monopolistic.

Judge Yvonne Gonzales-Rogers said the following:

“Apple enjoys considerable market share of over 55% and extraordinary high profit margins.”

He also added:

“These factors alone do not show antitrust conduct. Success is not illegal.”

A spokesperson for Apple said:

“Apple faces rigorous competition in every segment in which we do business, and we believe customers and developers choose us because our products and services are the best in the world.”

MicroStrategy makes one of the great financial moves of all time

MicroStrategy is also helping the adoption of BTC.

The firm has been buying the king coin despite the massive market volatility, and he’s been boosting the coin like there’s no tomorrow.

Now, Kraken’s Dan Held dropped a very relevant tweet:

Regarding the price of BTC, at the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green, and the king coin is priced at $45,551.58.

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