It seems that there are some serious issues regarding customers from Apple accessing their money. Check out the latest reports below.

Apple banking issues arise

Apple customers who deposited over $1 billion in just a few weeks are reportedly facing difficulties withdrawing their funds from their savings accounts.

During the middle of April, Apple collaborated with financial giant Goldman Sachs to enable Apple Card users to accumulate interest via a savings account.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, individuals using Apple’s latest product are encountering various difficulties when attempting to access their funds.

There are reports of delays in transferring funds from Apple savings accounts to other banks, with some customers claiming it took weeks to complete the process. Additionally, there have been instances where the funds failed to appear in either the Apple savings account or the destination bank account.

In a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Kevin Smyth shared his experience of attempting to transfer $10,000 from his Apple savings account to another bank. Smyth claimed that Goldman Sachs informed him that his account was under review for security reasons.

Smith stated the following:

“FYI people, Apple savings account isn’t ready for prime time. Do NOT move your money there. If you do, they will hold your money hostage with ‘security reviews’ if you dare try to withdraw/transfer to another account…”

He continued and said the following:

“Tim Cook was your plan to partner with a bank that holds people’s life savings hostage? Do you know their view is that people shouldn’t touch their savings account for long periods of time and are enforcing that with ‘security reviews’?”

New Bitcoin and crypto warning is out

According to Bloomberg Intelligence’s senior macro strategist, Mike McGlone, Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto markets may experience a bearish trend during the second half of the year.

According to McGlone, there might be a possibility of risk assets, including stocks and cryptocurrency, becoming more affordable in the upcoming months due to the anticipated economic recession.

He has stated that the Federal Reserve is continuing to raise interest rates, which could have a negative effect on the performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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