The world is changing. The old world order has been displaced. And though our new overlords are not yet ready to show themselves, the sudden turmoil in our daily lives demands a face, an embodiment of our collective pessimism to shoulder the blame for the crisis we now find ourselves in. For now, that face belongs to the Coronavirus.

But as supply chains break down in the aftermath of our self-isolating behaviors, the virus becomes something of a scapegoat for the media to distract us with. And while the truth behind the market’s recent implosion has more to do with a global inability to pay our collective debts than our un-willingness to congregate at the local Walmart, we have little other information to guide us than what is being fed through the standard propaganda outlets.

The fear of Covid-19 is strong. The horrors witnessed in China and Italy most recently have driven entire continents to the brink of martial law. But as the quarantined masses huddle within the relative safety of their individual germpods, their steroid enhanced 401K’s have dropped like a hot mic at the FED’s next FOMC meeting.

There are few safe havens to flee to when considering current market conditions. Physical gold is becoming scarce and Bitcoin (BTC), even at these lower levels, seems dauntingly expensive to most. Poring over the charts, many traders have been stifled, frozen with panic and unable to profit from the changing market landscape.

It is in times like these that we must turn to the Gods to divine our path forward. And so tonight, I invoke the spirit of a greater power to ask for guidance in navigating the altcoin market.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when considering the astrological charts, all becomes clear. There is no fog of delusion that can be pulled over the heavens; No shroud of mystery to blind us from the light of the stars.

The significance of this evening’s new moon speaks volumes. A symbol of renewal, of death and rebirth, the new moon enters Aries tonight. The strength of the Ram combined with the rebirth of our markets conjures powerful imagery. There will be a reckoning. This is assured. And from the ashes of our hodl, still smoldering from the fiery blaze that was the altcoin market last week, our favorite coins will rise again like the Phoenix, clutching our hearts and wallets in her mighty talons as she tears upward toward the heavens!

But Which Coins Do The Gods Favor?

We enter these decisions at a key moment in Earth’s evolution. Yes, Aquarius is upon us. The water bearer, a spiritual healer, beckons us back into the altcoin sea. She calls on us to open our accounts with youthful vigor and vitality. After all, the promise of fruitful gains is backed by the bounty of Heaven! But which coins will do the best? Which blockchain protocol will create the gains Athena is promising! And which will return us to the depths of Hades?

What will truly matter in the new world economy is the technology these coins have to offer and their ability to replace the systems of exchange we have become accustomed to.

Still, during my most recent meditation, one coin in particular revealed its intention as I crossed the thresholds of time and space. And as my soul entered the astral realm, the voice of God rang inside me like a cast-iron bell on Sunday morning.

Ripple will reach US $1.00 by Easter!

Wow! Thanks God.

The world is changing. The overlords of the next millenia wait on the edges of our failing economy to reveal their plans for our future. Time is of the essence and the need to make a decision with your investments is pressing. Watching the astral charts, the future of the altcoin market is clear. So calm your heart and your mind, and make a choice that you can believe in. Now is the time. The Gods have spoken.

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