From what we have seen in the past, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have had the luck of experience a boom in their value and their use. However, this year we have seen that Bitcoin is slowly losing ground so the question on everyone’s mind is now what currency could have the same boom that Bitcoin had with the bonus of it stabilizing itself and not experiencing the decline that Bitcoin has been through.

Promising currencies

Analysts and investors are looking very carefully at Ethereum (ETH), the second biggest currency right after Bitcoin. It is expected that this coin may overpass Bitcoin on the path to being number one since this currency is the best option when one wants to close up so-called smart contracts.

Another crypto coin that we could hear way more from soon is Peercoins (PPC). Why? Because it has become the most environmentally conscious option out of all of them. However, its placement on the market share does raise a number of eyebrows about whether or not it has what is needed since it is ranked at number 159.


A star on the rise

Most cryptocurrencies do have a list of do’s and don’ts and they are very upfront with what they are good at, analysts are even more upfront with what they should work more on. However, out of all the currencies that are out there, we could expect to see Cardano (ADA) have the best evolution out of all of them.

Not because it introduces never before seen features but because it does one small thing that other are failing at: it respects state regulations. Since South Korea, Japan and China have already decided to be wary of cryptocurrencies, with Europe to possibly follow suit, Cardano has openly stated that they are going to abide by these decisions.

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