Big Crypto Investors Are Reportedly Finished Collecting Profits

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It’s been just revealed that the big players in the crypto game are likely finished taking their crypto profits.

According to the latest reports coming from he Daily Hodl, the Real Vision chief executive Raoul Pal believes that the institutional forces driving crypto’s recent market volatility are finished taking profits.

2022 crypto market to start strong

More than that, this will be reportedly opening the doors for cryptos to start the new year strong.

Recently, it’s been revealed that Pal identifies the marginal drivers of the current crypto markets.

“I step back and look at it and think who is the marginal driver of this market right now? It is not retail. Why not? The new wallet addresses and stuff are below highs now, and I think it’s to do with this consumption issue.”

He continued and pointed out the following fact:

“You’ve raised prices on retail in terms of fuel… energy fixed costs, so their marginal ability to invest has gone down as well as [the ability to] consume.”

Pal also made sure to say the fact that the inflation of retail prices has taken marginal crypto investment money off the table. It’s essential to note the fact that this left institutional players to influence market prices.

A lot of large investors are incentivized to take profits at the end of calendar years.

“Again, they’re not saying they don’t believe in the market, they’re saying I believe in getting paid. And so I want to protect my profits.”

Pal also made sure to highlight the fact that the result is an uneven market.

This is not the only bullish prediciton about the crypto market and you should check out more of our articles in order to learn about other predictions involving BTC and more digital assets. Stay tuned for more crypto news.

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