Binance Clears Level 1 Customer Support Queue In Most Languages For The First Time

Changepeng Zhao dropped an exciting announcement on social media. Check it out below.

People hopped in the comments section with all kinds of complaints about their funds, waiting for an answer from the crypto exchange.

For instance, someone said: ‘Apparently I’m not in level 1. I’ve been waiting for over a month with limited correspondence. You have 10s of thousands of my money locked up in @BinanceUS and I need access to my money. How do i get into level 1?’

Binance in the news

In other recent news about the crypto exchange, an official press release notes that PumaPay announced the upcoming launch of V3.0, which moves its operations from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – the first crypto payment solution to make this move.

The move to BSC includes the introduction of a bridge between the two networks, enabling the use of a wider set of token and crypto for payments and opening new liquidity pools with automatic swaps.

Ethereum has been known for a really long time as the industry leader in blockchain development, but on the other hand, the downside is the fact that it has become unscalable for a lot of devs.

PumaPay is one of the names that cannot see success on the Ethereum network.

The gas fees have been surging, and there’s also a slow processing rate involved – the crypto space is looking for solutions.

Stay tuned for more news from the crypto space and make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the crypto market.

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