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Binance Completes The Distribution of $ETH Proof-of-Work $ETHW Tokens

Binance has been making headlines now due to its moves following the latest upgrade that’s been seen by Ethereum. Check out the latest reports about ETH merge below.

Binance and the ETH merge

Check out the latest important post that the popular crypto exchange revealed via their social media account.

The crypto exchange continued and noted the following:

“Ensure that you have not selected “Hide Small Balances” to view your token balance in the Spot wallet. The snapshot for the $ETHW distribution was taken at the $ETH mainnet block height of 15,537,393 (2022-09-15 at 06:42:42 UTC).”

Binance overpays millions to users

In other recent news, a couple of days ago, Binance made the headlines again due to its latest move.

The prestigious online publication CoinDesk notes that Binance is down some 4.8 million HNT tokens that were erroneously disbursed to users, many of whom quickly sold the tokens for profit, the people said.

At last Friday’s prices, the assets were worth about $19 million, according to the very same notes.

It’s also been revealed that the erroneous payouts appear to stem from how Binance tracks token deposits from Helium network. This is a popular decentralized internet connectivity project, the people said.

“There are two tokens on Helium: the native HNT token that Helium pays out to hotspot hosts and the MOBILE token, paid to operators of Helium 5G infrastructure, which launched last month and lacks a liquid market, and therefore any quotable price,” the same online publication mentioned above notes.

Check out more details in the original post by CoinDesk. 

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