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Binance Pledges Support For Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork, Price Expected To Soar

On the 16th of January, the much-awaited Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople hard fork has will hold, however, the event may happen in just a few hour before or after the announced date due to the target block height of 7,080,000, Crypto Gazette has learnt.

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Owing to the anticipation and the belief that the hard fork has the potential to be a blessing to the digital currency, the price of Ethereum has since been on the increase. This is in addition to the price of the digital currency which has been flying high for the past two weeks.

Binance’ Announced Support For Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork Is A New Year Blessing

Owing to the support pledged by Binance, the exchange has demanded that all holders of ETH allow sufficient time for deposits to be processed in full before the above-stated block height is reached.

While assuring holders of the digital asset, Binance promised to manage all technical requirements related to the event carefully.

The announcement by the popular cryptocurrency exchange that it will support the upcoming Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople hard fork is a new-year blessing to the digital currency.

The exchange asked holders of ETH to allow sufficient time for deposits to be processed in full before the aforementioned block height is achieved. The exchange went on to assure traders that they will handle all technical requirements related to the event.

“Binance would like to confirm support for the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork. Please leave sufficient time for deposits to be processed in full prior to the block height shown below.”

The expected hard fork block height is 7,080,000, and the estimated time is between 2019/01/14 and 2019/01/18.

Meanwhile, Binance has urged the team behind Ethereum to contact them in case of any other hard forks or airdrops during the Constantinople hard fork period.

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