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Binance Reopens Deposits Of FTT

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It’s just been revealed that Binance reopened the deposits of FTT. Check out the latest reports about all this below.

Binance reopens deposits of FTT

Binance dropped more announcements on Twitter. Check out a relevant one below.

Here’s another post that Binance shared on Twitter:

Binance CEO is holding an AMA today that would be interesting to watch.

FTX collapse explained

The CEO of the world’s largest crypto exchange is revealing why the potential deal with former competitor and bankrupt firm FTX failed to go through.

During an interview at the 2022 Indonesia Fintech Summit, Changpeng Zhao said that rescuing FTX from bankruptcy did not make sense for Binance from both business and legal standpoints.

“From our perspective, the deal did not make sense from a numbers front. From a financial perspective, it’s a big hole. From new users, we have very high overlap. We cover all the regions they cover, and they have much less users than us. From a technology or product perspective, I think we have a superior product. They don’t have anything that we don’t have.”

He continued and said the following:

“So our original intention was to save the users. But then the news of misappropriating user funds, especially US regulatory agencies investigations, we’re like, ‘Okay, we can’t touch that anymore.’”

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