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Bitcoin Cash Promotional ‘@bitcoin’ Twitter account stop action, freedom of expression infringement?

Twitter’s representative bitcoin account ‘@bitcoin’ has been suspended. @bitcoin has been a major controversy within the cryptographic ecosystem ever since the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Although the name is ‘bitcoin’, tweets from that account have often spoken out the bitcoin’s drawbacks, emphasizing the superiority of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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In August 2017, Bitcoin Cash, which had hard fork in the bit coin block chain, emphasized ‘real bit coin that inherited Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision’ and created beat coin and competition structure. BitCoin Cash has used the website and twitter’s bitcoin account to communicate their thoughts.

But these actions have been criticized by Bitcoin supporters and have argued that they “deliberately confuse people who intro- duce new users of cryptocurrency.”

The exact cause of the Twitter account suspension reason has not been revealed, but it is believed that the majority of Bitcoin supporters supported the account suspension.

Roger Ver, a prominent supporter of Bitcoin Cache, said through Twitter that “Freedom of expression is now dead.”

On the other hand, Jameson Lopp of Bitcoin says, “Freedom of expression is not that the government puts you in jail because of your remarks, but it does not mean you can do what you want from someone else’s property.” Twitter is a private business I also mentioned that it is irrelevant to the ‘freedom of expression’ of this case.

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