Music fans across the world who almost never miss a live music concert may have adjusted to the new narrative of having their favorite event canceled or moved online, all thanks to the current pandemic. And while that may have saved ticket money for fans, it will set back performers and organizers some earnings this year. However, rather than have empty halls and vacant seats, performers are reaching out to millions of fans across the globe to bring more entertainment home showing true loyalty to their fan base.

Wacken World Wide First-Ever Digital Concert

One such event this year, the Wacken Open Air festival, an annual metal concert known to engage millions of metalheads from across the globe got canceled but has also considered a virtual music festival. The organizers will be holding a digital version to mimic the original experience if it were to be a live in-person concert. And what doesn’t come as much as a surprise, is seeing Bitcasino, a pioneering crypto gaming platform which has recently made more news in supporting many initiatives around COVID-19 relief, making its move to be a headline sponsor of this year’s virtual event.

Only last year, there was a cumulative total of more than 6 million people who streamed metal performances from across the world’s famous festivals. The reach is indeed compelling and perhaps this year, for the Wacken World Wide event, which is slated for the 29th of July through the 1st of August, the numbers could go up as many more people could be viewing from the comfort of their homes.

Performers such as Blind Guardian, Beyond the Black, and Hämatom will be performing during the virtual Wacken World Wide event to entertain millions of metal fans across the globe. And the event can be streamed live from the comfort of homes for free.

Fast, and Entertaining

Bitcasino continues to pride itself as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming and entertainment industry with its broad variety of online casino games and top-notch service delivery speed; and its philanthropic works in the recent months have become actions to buttress their core values to drive fun, fast, and fair entertainment – an ethos that most definitely resonate with the metal industry. And by sponsoring the Wacken World Wide event, the gaming platform has yet again gone beyond its regular service operations to ensure that the masses are being entertained, this time by the thrill, intensity, and passion that metal brings.

It’s truly impressive to see creativity in the entertainment industry and how event managers are becoming innovative during these tough times. Bitcasino remains one of the foremost gaming platforms in the industry throwing its weight behind several initiatives that aim to provide comfort during these hard times. It had earlier partnered with The Giving Block alongside other prominent crypto personalities to sponsor the D3 live dance concert and fundraising that aimed at providing relief materials to those affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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