Bitcoin 2022 Prediction: Shift From Retail To Institutional

Despite the corrections that the crypto market has been seeing lately, there are all kinds of optimistic predictions about the price of Bitcoin and digital assets in 2022.

Check out the latest issue that Raoul Pal is addressing online these days about Bitcoin in 2022.

Bitcoin in 2022

Here’s a relevant thread that he dropped on Twitter:


He continued and said:

Pal also told his readers the following: “Most of all, don’t get stressed by shorter term moves if you are playing the long game. If it stresses you, you are too big and it matters to your overall life plans too much. We all have a lot riding on this but you can’t weep if it goes down 50% and chops for a year.”

It’s been revealed that in a new interview from Real Vision with journalist Maggie Lake, Pal speculates that the explosive crypto rally he and many investors are expecting hasn’t yet materialized because retail traders simply don’t have enough cash on hand.

Check out what he said:

“Is there a structural change in the market, or is it because crypto is discretionary spending or a discretionary investment? If you raise prices on people, they have less money – retail participation – to put into crypto.”

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