It has been just revealed the fact that Bitcoin adoption in Argentina managed to outpace the move in El Salvador. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Bitcoin adoption is on the rise

According to a note sent to investors by David Puell, a research associate at Ark Invest, Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador is not as high as it is in Argentina.

Although El Salvador made headlines this year for granting legal tender status to Bitcoin, Puell suggests that the nation’s actual use of the cryptocurrency is a mixed picture.

Puell cites observations from Angela Dalton, CEO of Signum Growth Capital, who shared her views on a recent podcast with Ark after visiting the Central American country.

“Awareness is high, yet usage is still low, … but there is a general sense of pride in the population that El Salvador is an early adopter of new technologies,” Dalton said.

According to Dalton, tourist destinations like Bitcoin Beach in El Zonte are rare examples of widespread acceptance of digital currency.

The Salvadorans’ preference for the US dollar and the volatility of bitcoin are the main reasons for this cautious approach, as Puell argues.

The US dollar has been legal tender in El Salvador since 2001, shielding the country from inflationary problems that have affected its neighbors and providing a more stable and reliable monetary system.

In contrast, bitcoin has experienced a 20% drop in value since El Salvador passed a bill recognizing it as legal tender, having previously doubled in value.

Meanwhile, Argentina’s relationship with bitcoin is changing rapidly due to economic challenges. With inflation rates expected to reach 147% by 2023, Argentinians are seeking alternatives to protect their wealth.

Javier Milei, a pro-bitcoin libertarian presidential candidate, has gained political prominence in Argentina due to the country’s economic situation. His success in the summer primaries on Aug.

13 suggests that Argentina’s economic policies may undergo a change, which in turn led to a considerable surge in bitcoin’s price. Within 24 hours, the price rose over 20% to 10.2 million Argentine pesos, according to Puell.

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