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Bitcoin Adoption: Morgan Stanley’s Investment Arm Could Buy BTC

The mainstream adoption of digital assets has been one of the main goals that the crypto industry has and there are various moves that are taking place in the crypto space that are boosting adoption.

It’s been just reported that Counterpoint Global, Morgan Stanley’s $150 billion investing arm is now considering adding Bitcoin to the portfolio of high-rgwoth assets.

A recent Bloomberg report notes that some sources who are familiar with the matter are revealing that the firm is exploring whether BTC is the right choice for investors.

The online publication the Daily Hodl notes that Counterpoint Global has managed to deliver gains of over 100% in five of its 19 funds in 2020.

The same online publication notes that some notable investments in the company’s portfolio include Amazon, Shopify, Slack Technologies, Zoom, and Moderna.

If the company chooses a Bitcoin investment, which will require approval from regulators, they’ll join the growing list of financial institutions and corporations who have been buying BTC over the past few months and boosting the mainstream adoipyion of digital assets.

Insittutional wave of Bitcoin adoption

Raoul Pal, macro guru and co-founder of Real Vision Finance, said back in December that a tidal wave of institutions are prepared to buy Bitcoin.

“We haven’t yet got the institutions into this. They’re all coming into it. I know they are because I’m speaking to them all. I just got off the phone with the largest investment advisor firm in the United States,” he said.

He continued and explained that “Their founder is teaching as many investment advisors as he possibly can why Bitcoin – they can’t invest yet because there’s no ETF – but the moment it comes, these guys have $5 trillion of assets amongst the US investment advisors community in the US alone and if they were to put 10 basis points in, that’s $5 billion immediately, but chances are it’s going to be much more because it’s a very fast-moving asset.”

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