Bitcoin Adoption: Twitter Is Beta Testing A Lightning Tipping Feature

Twitter is beta testing a brand new feature, and this has Bitcoiners excited. According to BTC Times, there’s a screenshot picture that looks like a Twitter beta interface that emerged on social media this week.

It shows instructions about how to use the Lightning Network in order to receive tips.

This would be massive for the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, as you can probably tell for yourselves.

The same online publication mentioned above notes that there’s a report from MacRumors that mentions the fact that “code in the beta suggests that Twitter is in the process of rolling [the feature] out.”

Check out the tweet below.

This new feature looks to be a tip jar enabled by Lightning transactions, as BTC Times notes.

Just to refresh your memory, the Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s most popular second layer, and it enables near-instant peer-to-peer payments at negligible fees.

Lightning adoption exploded recently, and the network’s capacity is sitting at around 2,350 BTC.

It’s not confirmed whether the image is real

The same online publication mentioned above notes that it’s not confirmed yet whether the image is a real one or not. It’s also important to mention that the Lightning payment function is not available at the moment on the Twitter beta, MacRumors said.

“The new payment option may become part of Twitter’s Tip Jar feature, which the company rolled out among a test group earlier this year,” the publication notes.

Twitter in the news

Twitter made headlines again not too long ago when Anthony Pompliano dropped some pretty bullish news on his social media account about Bitcoin. Check it out below.

Jack Dorsey is a massive Bitcoin supporter, and he’s been pumping the king coin along with MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor for a long time now.

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