Bitcoin And Cardano New Predictions Are Out

There are all kinds of crypto predictions these days amidst the crypto market pullback. Check out the latest price predictions involving Bitcoin and Cardano.

It’s been just revealed that the crypto investor and technical analyst Justin Bennett believes that Bitcoin (BTC) still looks “pretty good” amid the market pullback. He is also predicting a major boost for Cardano (ADA) and other altcoins.

Bitcoin’s recent aggressive pullback is in discussion

In the latest edition of his Cryptocademy newsletter, Bennett discusses Bitcoin’s recent “aggressive” pullback to $63,000.

“Bitcoin just shook out a lot of excess leverage with an aggressive pullback to $63,000. So is that it? An extended pullback here certainly doesn’t fit the 2017 fractal that I’ve discussed several times. But that doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen.”

Bennett also posted the following tweet:

He also tweeted a prediction about the price of Cardano:

Bitcoin is the lowest-risk asset you can buy

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor said that right now, Bitcoin is the lowest-risk asset that you can buy.

It’s been revealed that Saylor is telling investors that buying Bitcoin is better than putting their money into traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and gold.

In a new interview with John Darsie, the director of business development at alternative investments firm SkyBridge, Saylor compares Bitcoin against other asset classes in the past 10 years.

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