We’re in the middle of a global crisis that’s been triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. The world is changing, and it’s likely that the it won’t ever go back 100% to the way in was before.

Apart from the tragic side of all this, there’s also a brighter note: the digitalization of the economy and life in general, a new era in which the digital assets and the blockchain will have their opportunity to shine the most.

More factors will catalyze a new crypto bull run

Nigel Green chief executive and founder of deVere Group said that v’s upcoming halving and global macro factors are set to catalyze a new crypto bull run.

He said that Bitcoin’s halvings, which cut the new supply of BTC that enters the market in half, have created massive buying pressure in the past.

It’s important to note that he believes this event, which is scheduled for May, will be the same this year as well, with the very same effects, regardless of the global situation.

Green addressed the issue with the Financial Mirror and highlighted the fact that he believes Bitcoin will also be boosted by an economic environment that’s favorable for cryptos, according to the Daily Hodl.

“We’re moving towards an era of zero-interest rates. This reduces the incentive to keep fiat currency. In addition, rate cuts typically lead to higher inflation, which reduces the purchasing power of traditional currencies,” he said.

Green highlighted, “Therefore, Bitcoin, and other decentralized cryptocurrencies, become more attractive, and the price will adjust upwards accordingly.”

New investment opportunities arise

It’s also worth noting a new blog post written by Green in which he explains that the coronavirus pandemic might kill some of the economy’s sectors, but it will also create brand new opportunities for investors.

He also said that investors who want to keep it up with the times are seeking these new world sectors to invest their wealth in.

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