Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Viable Solutions For Inflation

The subject regarding inflation has been present in the headlines a lot lately with more important analysts saying that there are also solutions to the problem. The best ones are cryptos, according to analysts.

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki recently revealed that he is concerned that working-class Americans will be wiped out by rising inflation unless they invest in several key assets.

True capitalism has been abandoned

In a YouTube video on The Rich Dad Channel, he said that true capitalism has been abandoned, and the government instead intervenes on behalf of banks.

“The reason they’re talking about inflation or deflation is because, way back when, in the 70s, a true capitalist would let a business fail. According to [Austrian political economist Joseph] Schumpeter, capitalism destroys inefficient companies.”

He continued and said:

“If you look at one example, not too long ago there was Blockbuster Video. Then Netflix came along and they’re toast. They’re just gone. A true capitalist wipes out the inefficient or the obsolete.”

He also addressed the subject about banks and said that the banks are so corrupt, and the reason the Federal Reserve had to come in was to protect the rich bankers.

He explained that the Fed “just prints money and gives it to banks to prevent them from failing. That’s not capitalism, that’s Marxism. That’s socialism, that’s communism. It’s called central banks.”

It’s also extremely 9important to note the fact that Kiyosaki warns that unlimited money printing as part of official government policy will eliminate the working class.

He explained that investors should start protecting themselves by buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and silver, and gold as well.

More analysts are saying that BTC and ETH are great hedges against inflation and that these are the best options that investors have these days.

Stay tuned for more relevant news.

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