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Bitcoin And Ethereum Prediction: ETH To Outperform BTC, Fundstrat Says

There are all kinds of predictions about the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum these days and they are all pretty optimistic. Check out the latest one coming from Fundstrat and reported by the online publication the Daily Hold for the first time.

It’s been just revealed that Fundstrat is more than doubling the 2021 Bitcoin price prediction and they also said that ETH is set to outperform BTC.

More than that, it’s been reported that Fundstrat’s lead digital asset strategist David Grider said that the investment research firm raised its BTC price target by two and a half times, according to the same online publication that we mentioned above.

“In our 2021 crypto outlook report two weeks ago we raised our target on BTC from $40k to $100k.”

The Daily Hodl also made us re to point out the fact that the firm cites a myriad of macro and microeconomic factors influencing its updated bullish BTC target, some of which include “institutional FOMO, public expectations of a weakening dollar, more regulatory clarity surrounding the asset and an overall strong equities uptrend.”

ETH prediction is more bullish than the one for BTC

Fundstrat’s prediction about the price of Ethereum is even more bullish than the one for BTC.

Grider describes Ethereum as having the “best risk-reward ratio’ of all cryptocurrencies. The digital asset strategist goes so far as to estimate that ‘blockchain computing may be the future of the cloud.”

We suggest that you check out the complete original article in order to see what more they had to say about BTC and ETH.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green and the digital assets priced at $47,160.18. ETH is also trading gin the green and the crypto is now trading at $1,763.80.

Both coins exploded in 2021 and the predictions are getting more and more bullish.

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