Bitcoin breaks past $9100 and ETH $177 XRP also gains 10%

Bitcoin has broken the psychological barrier of $9000 propelling it into possible bull territory, Ethereum Has also made massive gains passing $177 we believe as rising tide increases all prices, Could this be the end of the bear market that has lasted for the past 1/2 years?

The bear market, is it over?

Since the bear market started there has been so much development going on platform for example that real progress has been made such as projects MakerDAO DAI which is built on Ethereum. Institutional investors are getting interested in crypto currency due to the fact that uncertainty over Iran and the federal reserve printing millions if not trillions to fund more war, perhaps people are awakening to the fact that Cryptocurrency is far more portable than gold and cannot be sanctioned like the USD in Iran.

Psychological barrier

The next 24 hours will tell us if the price is holds if bitcoin breaks the $10,000 barrier this is a psychological barrier and we should expect mass media coverage should this happen. Due to the fact that the market is never close is traders never cease to trade either so we can see their swing either way I would place my buy and sell orders cautiously if I was a trader right now.

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