A trader, who was successful in taking advantage of the crypto boom earlier this year, is now cautioning that Bitcoin’s price may remain stagnant for a considerable amount of time.

Bitcoin’s lack of movement is addressed

In a recent strategy session, an anonymous analyst known as DonAlt, who has 52,800 YouTube subscribers, suggests that Bitcoin’s lack of movement despite the release of PayPal’s PYUSD stablecoin is a significant indicator.

Additionally, the analyst notes that the volatility in the stock market is not adequate to spark any significant movement in Bitcoin’s price action.

If we were in a better market, the news about PayPal wanting to enter the stablecoin market would have increased the price by around 10%.

However, currently, there was no significant movement in the market. In addition, the ETF delay was not unexpected, but it also did not cause any significant price movement.

The daily candles for Bitcoin only showed a 1% or 2% change, despite the S&P trading at a more volatile rate.

Bitcoin’s choppy conditions could last some more

DonAlt goes on to say that Bitcoin’s choppy conditions could last for the next six months.

Thee analyst notes that the market is currently stagnant and does not show any signs of movement in the near future. In fact, he predict that this trend may continue for the next six months.

However, a crypto analyst suggests that Bitcoin’s volatility and bullish momentum may be restored if the Federal Reserve reverses its tight monetary policies.

This was seen in 2020 when the central bank lowered interest rates to almost 0% in response to the Covid crisis.

For now, the analyst expects the market to remain uneventful. However, if there is a response similar to Covid from governments, the analyst recommends investing in the market.

Overall, the analyst is waiting for crypto-specific strength before showing any significant interest in the market.

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