Bitcoin Drops Below $30k – It’s Buy The Dip Time

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Bitcoin has been seeing some pretty volatile times and it seems that the $30k resistance did not hold anymore.

Crypto Twitter reactions are varying from panic to being eager to buy this dip as well.

Check out what Scott Melker posted on his Twitter account.

Someone said: “Bro, people bought at 64k. And a lot more bought the top than any other time.”

Melker said that he bought at $57k and someone else posted this: “I get what you’re saying and I agree long term but there’s obviously a much larger gap to fill this time. This is my first cycle so I’m no expert but I do know how it feels now to be a part of this. I think expectations were too high and billionaires telling us to buy any price.”

Another follower said: “Put 15% of our net worth in over the last three to four weeks. Sure, this drop stings, but I don’t make plays like this on fundamentals I don’t believe in long term. People have no idea what’s around the corner, it’s going to be big and beautiful.”

Time to buy BTC?

Check out an interesting opinion that’s been shared on Twitter these days.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red and the king coin is priced at $29,763.85.

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