Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano Expect Huge Price Triggers, Says Trader Lark Davis

The crypto space has been looking great lately, and the prices seem to be going to the moon for the most important digital assets out there.

Check out the latest news about the triggers that could be boosting some of the coins’ prices.

The online publication the Daily Hodl notes that the popular crypto trader and analyst Lark Davis said that this year has a lot of surprises left for the crypto space.

Davis cited four significant upcoming events in the crypto space that he believes will trigger prices to continue on their bullish ascent.

The first is the Ethereum Optimism upgrade, which is currently scheduled to launch in July this year.

“Optimism is one of the most anticipated scaling solutions for Ethereum to happen before the major Ethereum 2.0 upgrade next year. Optimism will allow for 100x scalability on Ethereum before Ethereum 2.0,” he said.

He continued and said: “And most importantly, it’s going to allow for that scalability to apply to Ethereum smart contracts, not just for transferring tokens and stuff back and forth. Right now, Ethereum is basically unusable except for by rich investors who can afford to pay on-chain fees.”

The upgrade will enable a new surge of users to use Ethereum applications, the analyst said.

The second reason Davis is confident the bull run will extend this year is the launch of Polkadot (DOT) parachains.

Cardano expects bullish moves as well

And last but not least, he pointed points to the highly anticipated launch of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain as another potential catalyst for the continued crypto bull run.

Cardano has been making headlines a lot these days, and this is due to the massive and various achievements that the team behind the project has been making.

There have also been all kinds of predictions about the price of ADA these days, and most of them are bullish.

Ben Armstrong comes with a prediction of his own.

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