Bitcoin Exodus: Investors Will Begin To Short Gold

It’s been just revealed that Jason Williams, Morgan Creek Digital, co-founder, believes that investors are about to flock into Bitcoin and leave gold behind.

Bitcoin’s popularity has been growing a lot since back in 2020, and the trend continues.

Capital moves from gold to Bitcoin

During an interview with Layah Heilpern, Williams stated that he expects investors to desert gold while shorting it at the same time as capital moves out of the precious metal and into Bitcoin.

He also made sure to highlight the fact that gold’s declining relevance is one of the reasons for the mass exodus.

“I don’t even understand… as a store of value asset; it’s not working anymore,” he explained.

He made sure to point out the fact that the need to secure and store physical gold is a big turnoff for young people.

“I feel like young people feel that way about gold. I just can’t imagine you saying you know what, I’m going to go and buy a safe and I’m going to bolt the safe to the wall and the floor. And then I’m going to load the safe with like I don’t know kilos of gold and silver.’ Like, I don’t even think you want your life to be that tied down.”

Williams believes that BTC is a great store of value, and more than that, he said that BTC is a predator asset that has consistently appreciated 3x each year on average.

“Bitcoin is not only good money – it’s sound money. But it’s also this amazing like apex predator asset that can grow and has grown 200% historically year-over-year.”

Check out the video above in order to learn more details.

Investing in anything but Bitcoin is pointless

Earlier today, it’s been revealed that Raoul Pal just said that investing in anything else but Bitcoin is pretty pointless these days.

In a recent talk with Ash Bennington on Real Vision Finance, Pal said that Bitcoin is the only asset class that has witnessed a legit long-term rally when compared to the Fed’s balance sheet.

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