Bitcoin Hater Peter Schiff’s Nightmare Becomes Reality; FaceTimes His Son, Anthony Pompliano Answers!

Peter Schiff is known as an enemy of Bitcoin and a massive critic of the king coin. He mocks BTC and slams it with every opportunity he gets.

As you already know by now, Anthony Pompliano is a BTC bull and a massive supporter of crypto and he’s definitely not the man someone like Schiff would want to see when he FaceTimes his son.

But, what do you know, this did happen and it definitely ruined Schiff’s Sr.’s day. Check out the photo below.

Schiff has been a massive BTC hater for a really long time. Not too long ago he said that buying BTC is basically gambling.

Anthony Pompliano has been revealing bullish BTC news

Pomp has been making sure that his Twitter followers learn all the juicy and bullish news about BTC these days.

Bitcoin is now making headlines all over the world following the latest news.

Despite concentrated efforts all over the world to stop Bitcoin, there are massive movements that are showing support to the king coin.

Latin American leaders are gearing up to boost Bitcoin. Check out Anthony Pompliano’s recent tweet below.

El Salvador marks a historic day for humanity:

Regarding the price of Bitcoin, today, at the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green and the king coin is priced at $33,976.34.

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