A well-known trader named Tone Vays is optimistic about the future of Bitcoin (BTC) despite its current value being below $30,000.

Bitcoin’s price is about to boom

In a recent video, Vays informed his 122,000 subscribers on YouTube that he believes Bitcoin’s price will increase as long as it doesn’t fall below $28,000.

If BTC can maintain a value above $30,000 for a few days, Vays predicts that it could appreciate by approximately 17%.

Vays is confident that the market will continue to rise as long as the support level remains above $28,000.

He is waiting for confirmation through sustained values above $30,000, which could take several days or even a week. Vays is optimistic that BTC will rise to $34,000 if it manages to surpass this level.

There is concern among veteran traders that if Bitcoin falls below the support level of $28,500, it may experience further corrections.

This level was the previous consolidated low, and if we drop below it, the situation could become quite dire, he said.

Additionally, if the diagonal trend line is broken within the next few days or week, it is likely that we will fall to the secondary low. Once we reach the secondary low, there is a high probability that it will be broken.

Bitcoin could fall to the next moving average

Not too long ago, we also revealed the fact that Tone Vays predicted that Bitcoin might fall to the next moving average, and if today’s candle drops below yesterday’s candle, it would be wise to lower the allocation to 50%.

According to Vays, the future of Bitcoin is uncertain, and it may drop below the $25,000 mark due to a significant number of people selling the cryptocurrency for unknown reasons.

Vays cautions that if Bitcoin does dip below this threshold, it could lead to a selling frenzy among nervous investors and traders, which could be disastrous if the price falls below $25,500.

Therefore, it’s important for Bitcoin to reverse its downward trend as soon as possible, ideally within this month.

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