Bitcoin Is “More Secure Than VISA” With Lightning And BTC Transactions Are The Future, Michael Saylor Says

Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s CEO, has been supporting Bitcoin for a really long time now.

He’s been buying Bitcoin like there’s no tomorrow, despite the market volatility.

Now, he’s boosting Bitcoin again, comparing it to Visa. Check out his tweet below.

Someone hopped in the comments and told the following to Saylor: “It’s a sort of good thing, but DocumentingBTC’s statement is highly misleading to say the least. Read the article; “More secure than Visa” is a claim made by Coinshare’s Manager and article doesn’t mention energy efficiency at all.”

Lightning network drives current BTC adoption

The official article notes the following: the lightning network is driving the current burst of mainstream adoption in bitcoin.

They continue and explain how it’s speeding up transaction times and cutting fees.

The same article posted by Business Insider notes that since early 2018, “the lightning network – a layer on top of the bitcoin network,” has been speeding up transactions and bringing forward the day when anyone can make a payment in BTC easily and cheaply.

“Lightning enables users to amortize the cost of a bitcoin transaction across many payments over time. We see lightning as a critical technology that could evolve bitcoin’s usefulness in payments beyond its stigma as an investment vehicle,” digital asset manager CoinShares said in a recent report.

Crypto adoption explodes

Just the other day, we were revealing that there’s a new report from the blockchain firm Blockdata that suggests the fact that more than half of the world’s biggest banks are getting exposure in crypto and blockchain companies.

The firm said that out of the 100 biggest banks by assets under management (AUM), 55 of them have already invested in crypto or blockchain-related business.

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