Bitcoin Is Spreading Like Lightning, Michael Saylor Says

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Bitcoin adoption has been exploding lately, and there are various moves that are taking cryptos and BTC on the right path towards mass adoption.

Now, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor dropped important news on Twitter. Check out his tweet below.

Someone commented: “El Salvador Flag of El Salvadoris opening new doors in the world of currency. Hopefully everything works as planned and it might be the beginning to a new currency era.”

Another follower said: “Didn’t know the percentage was that high. This is so huge for these residents. More money to keep, less in fees.”

The mass adoption of BTC and cryptos has been one of the main goals that the crypto industry set.

Bitcoin adoption intensifies

A couple of days ago, we were revealing that, as you probably know by now, the crypto market was suddenly crashed the other day, just following the news that El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal tender.

While the crypto space was celebrating and no one was expecting it, Bitcoin’s price started to crash, and it obviously dragged the other coins down.

Crypto Twitter started making all kinds of assumptions, and you can see a relevant one below.

After El Salvador, more juicy news comes, and this time from Ukraine.

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