Bitcoin Is The Future Of Property, Michael Saylor Says

Michael Saylor continues to boost Bitcoin. He’s been an advocate of the king coin for a while now and he continues to pump it.

Check out his latest tweet below. He said that BTC is the future of property and he’s quoting Bloomberg.

Someone commented: “And this is how the mainstream financial media distorts the truth and manipulates the public. Which one would you buy if you had no idea what was going on? Everything is noise, #bitcoin is the signal.”

Another follower said: ‘Imagining holding dollars for that amount of time. You would have nothing by the end of it.”

Bitcoin adoption explodes

PayPal is another giant that’s been boosting the mass adoption of Bitcoin and crypto through its moves.

Now, more news comes to fuel this statement.

The online publication the Daily Hodl just reported that the payment giant PayPal is preparing to expand its crypto offerings.

Recently, CEO Dan Schulman shared how Venmo has fueled PayPal’s explosive Q2 growth and how he expects crypto adoption to continue growing on Venmo.

“Revenue growth accelerated to almost 70% in Q2, our highest growth rate in the past year, fueled by Venmo’s product diversification strategy. More than 500,000 customers have established new business profiles on Venmo with more than 300,000 created in Q2 alone,” he said.

Schulman was also asked about the company’s plans to engage with crypto and he said that he’s exploring the company’s crypto features and the possibility of expanding them in August.

Check out the video above in order to learn more about what he had to say about all this and more.

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