Bitcoin Miners Are Accumulating Again

It’s been just revealed that Bitcoin miners are currently accumulating again. Check out the following post below.

“Miners accumulating means it hardens the supply – there’s also other indicators of hardening supply. Hardened supply means less Bitcoin to buy when demand returns. The less Bitcoin there is to buy the more violent the upside (supply shock)” someone said.

Another follower hopped in the comments and said: “The recovery in block time’s been good to see: miners at work. Every day since the big easing a week ago, average epoch 343 block gets closer to 10 mins. I expect epoch 344 to arrive with a near-precise fortnight interval & therefore receive a very neutral adjustment.”

Someone else said: “Thanks Will. Watching the Willie Woo video now. Question: looking back at the onchain data during the Wyckoff Distribution $60k range did onchain data show signs of distribution? Thanks!”

Bitcoin seen as an important asset class

Earlier today, we revealed that Bitcoin’s popularity is on the rise, and it has been like this especially since 2020. This was a year when the whole world entered a global crisis, and we’re still struggling to get out of it.

But Bitcoin’s popularity exploded, and people started seeing the king coin as a safe haven asset.

The mainstream adoption for Bitcoin is going great, and there are various important achievements that are making things great.

More and more nations are seeing the king coin’s importance these days.

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor continues to boost Bitcoin like there’s no tomorrow. Check out his latest tweet that has a lot of followers excited.

Stay tuned for more news.

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