There are all kinds of predicitons in the crypto space, saying that we’ll soon see BTC hitting a new ATH. Check out the latest reports saying when this will happen.

Bitcoin new ATH

Crypto analyst Jason Pizzino has made a prediction about when Bitcoin (BTC) could reach a new all-time high (ATH).

In a recent strategy session, Pizzino informed his 290,000 YouTube subscribers that BTC may enter a bull market cycle as early as late next year.

This would push the king crypto beyond the current ATH of about $69,000.

Pizzino further stated that it is expected that BTC will head into new all-time highs by late 2024 or early 2025, with the second half of 2024 being the more likely scenario.

The trader is carefully monitoring Bitcoin’s price movements in the short term with respect to key levels to gauge the bottom of the market cycle.

The immediate objective for the bulls is to consolidate above $27,300, which is the 50% level for the last move up.

If Bitcoin fails to surpass this level and consolidate, it is likely to experience another downturn, with a test of $26,000. If this level is broken, the next target is $24,900, with the major 50% level at $23,600.

He said the following:

“So keep in mind these next few targets, especially if Bitcoin is unable to get back above $27,300. That’s your number to keep in mind. Still a few levels off. So let’s keep that in the back of our minds while Bitcoin goes on the testing of these shorter-term timeframes.”

Since we are ahead of the halving, lots of investors are expecting to see a boom in BTC’s price post the important event.

But, it is important to remember the fact that even when the BTC price is down, this is a time for accumulation, not despair.

Stay tuned for more news from the crypto space.

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