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Bitcoin New Price Prediction Is Out

It’s been just revealed the fact that there is a new Bitcoin prediction out. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Bitcoin optimistic prediction is out

An analyst who has been seemingly unstoppable since calling Bitcoin’s bottom at $16,000 just issued a big update to fellow traders.

DonAlt said the fact that he is no longer looking to sell any BTC at his initial target of $35,000.

The trader says the global recognition that Bitcoin offers an alternative to the banking system is so new and powerful that he’s nowhere near ready to sell.

“Every time I think about taking profit I’m thinking about where I would put that profit. There is nothing I’d rather buy than BTC and alts right now, nothing is setup better for the current macro situation than our little bubble.”

He continued and said the following:

“I was originally planning to sell some at $35,000. Don’t think I’ll do that anymore, I’ll just be a moon boy until I get a really really good reason not to be. Until then I’ll ride this thing, no brakes.”

DonAlt believes bearish analysts who have remained laser focused on the macro economy will continue to look lost on the sidelines.

“Banks are down huge. You can whip out your stupid RSI and trendiness all you want, I’m not selling.

Can’t believe people told me not to buy $16,000 because of macro. We’re up almost 2x from there and macro is starting to shift. Probably gonna be told not to sell because of favorable macro conditions at the top too.”

Bitcoin to hit $1 million

BitMEX co-founder CEO Arthur Hayes is forecasting a massive Bitcoin (BTC) rally and a major pivot from the world’s central banks.

“Reacting to the news that the People’s Bank of China has reduced the Reserve Ratio Requirement (RRR) by 0.25%, Hayes says he’s targeting a $1 million price tag for Bitcoin,” according to the latest reports.

Hayes believes China’s move backs his thesis that more government intervention and infusions of capital are coming.

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