It has been just revealed that Bitcoin entered strong bullish territory. Check out the latest prediciotns about the king coin below.

Bitcoin gets bullish

According to a cryptocurrency analyst at Bloomberg, Bitcoin’s recent surge confirms that the leading cryptocurrency has entered a bull market cycle.

Jamie Coutts, a blockchain analyst, has claimed on the social media platform X that the current Bitcoin breakout is analogous to a similar move in 2020 that paved the way for a significant uptrend.

“What Bitcoin price action has done this week from a technical standpoint is the equivalent of the breakout above $10,500 resistance in July 2020. Price has cleared a massive supply overhang – the largest in its history.

Whilst there will be pullbacks, as we saw in Q3 2020, price is confirming the bull market regime, which I called in December 2022 based on my liquidity and market structure analysis.”

Coutts predicts that the number of people using cryptocurrency could increase by 1,900% by 2028.

This growth would be driven by the adoption of stablecoins, the tokenization of real-world assets, and the potential implementation of account abstraction.

The analyst also suggests that traditional financial institutions who have been skeptical of the industry will be forced to reconsider their stance in the coming year as they begin to see the realities of fiat finance.

“Watch TradFi (traditional finance) companies who bottom ticked one of the biggest financial market transformations of the past century, reverse course in 2024. As Bitcoin eyes the throne as the next global reserve asset, pensions and fund managers clutching their ‘risk-free’ US Treasuries are having to relearn the foundational tenets of risk management, diversification, and position size, while being introduced to the inescapable realities of fiat finance.”

He continued and said:

“Tokenization of real-world assets, account abstraction, and the rise of stablecoins are about to take crypto from five to 10 million crypto daily users to 100 million by 2028.”

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