It has been just revealed that we have a new potential Bitcoin price target for 2025. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

Bitcoin price target for 2025 is out

Crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen, who is known for his close scrutiny of the cryptocurrency market, has predicted a potential price target for Bitcoin (BTC) by late 2025 based on historical market cycle patterns.

In a recent strategy session, Cowen analyzed logarithmic regression bands to identify potential tops and bottoms of market cycles based on diminishing volatility.

According to Cowen, every market cycle top has been two and a half logarithmic regression bands below the previous one.

Currently, two and a half bands below the previous high of $69,000 is at the $45,000 level.

However, since the band goes up as time passes, Cowen suggests that BTC could actually top out closer to $100,000 if the cycle ends in late 2025.

Cowen said the following:

“The issue right now is that two and half log lines down from where this peak was, puts you at this logarithmic regression trend line, which currently is only at around $45,000 to $46,000…”

He continued and said this:

“Now, that might sound somewhat disheartening to hear, but you also have to remember that normally, we’ve seen these major peaks occur in Q4 of the post-halving year. So, while it is true that two and a half log lines down now is only about $45,000 to $46,000, two and a half log lines down in late 2025 would look a lot different, and we can actually project this out…

By late 2025, that would correspond to just north of $100,000…”

Based on his logarithmic regression rainbow, Cowen suggested the fact that BTC could peak at around $111,000 about two years from now.

At time of writing, BTC is trading for $36,309.

Stay tuned for more crypto news and keep your eyes on the market.

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