There have been a lot of optimistic predictions about the price of Bitcoin these days. Check out the latest reports about the price of the most important digital assets out there below.

Bitcoin price could explode

Renowned macro expert Lyn Alden predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will gradually become a larger proportion of global wealth.

During an interview with Peter McCormack, Alden stated that individuals will likely desire a greater percentage of their liquid net worth in a “self-custodial, globally portable” digital asset.

Alden emphasized that the current percentage of liquid net worth invested in Bitcoin is a tiny fraction of 1%, and she believes that a reasonable percentage could be much higher, perhaps even 5% or 10%.

If this were to occur, the market capitalization of Bitcoin would rise dramatically, even if it only became a small percentage of people’s liquid net worth.

According to Alden, Bitcoin can be compared to other currencies based on its monetary saleability, liquidity, and network effects.

He believes that it has been consistently improving and exceeding the monetary bases of other countries.

Therefore, if one thinks that Bitcoin is better than those currencies overall, they can expect its value to continue to increase. As of writing, BTC is trading at $25,757.

BTC ETF could pave the way for crypto success

According to Pal, BlackRock’s recent endorsement of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) could result in a significant increase in investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms.

While acknowledging that BlackRock, along with other major players like Apollo, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan, has been involved in the crypto industry for some time, Pal believes that their public support sends a strong message to the financial industry about the legitimacy and potential of cryptocurrency technology.

Pal further added that BlackRock’s decision to invest in and build on the infrastructure of cryptocurrency indicates their willingness to allow their clients to invest in it as well.

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