Bitcoin Price Is Still In The Range Predicted Through August, Crypto Analyst Says

Bitcoin has been seeing a lot of volatility lately, but despite this, the king coin is performing great these days.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green and the king coin is priced at $41,761.35.

Check out a relevant tweet about Bitcoin’s price that analyst Dave the Wave dropped about an hour ago.

Someone responded to the tweet and said: “@davthewave I fully agree with you, a breakout would be needed to confirm any proper uptrend reversal. But as the volumes were low when the price started pumping, we could very well drop back down, and break down to 20/23k.”

The same person also dropped this message: “Also a lot of the moon boys have not yet seen that much pain and seem to be getting far too excited right now. Hence, a drop to lower levels, would make more sense and be healthier and more common to form a trend reversal.”

Bitcoin is the future of property

Earlier today, we revealed that Michael Saylor continues to boost Bitcoin. He’s been an advocate of the king coin for a while now and he continues to pump it.

Check out his latest tweet below. He said that BTC is the future of property and he’s quoting Bloomberg.

Stay tuned for more relevant news about BTC and the crypto market.

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