Bitcoin Suisse Becomes First Crypto Payment Processor In Switzerland Integrating BTC Lightning Technology

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It’s been just revealed that Suisse is now the first crypto payment processor in Switzerland that integrates BTC Lightning.

The official press release notes that Bitcoin Suisse, the leading Switzerland-based crypto-financial services company, just revealed the availability of Bitcoin Lightning technology for its crypto payment solution.

Bitcoin Suisse is now the first crypto payment processor in Switzerland to offer Bitcoin Lightning – reaffirming its position as a first-mover in the crypto space.

It’s also important to mention the fact that the introduction of this innovative second-layer Bitcoin solution will be introducing instant transactions at lower blockchain fees for consumers as well as merchants working with Bitcoin Suisse and its partner Worldline.

This also marks a major move that  Bitcoin Suisse’s efforts to promote the mass adoption of the crypto tech.

It’s also important to note the fact that Bitcoin Lightning is a decentralized network based on Bitcoin’s second layer that uses smart contract functionality to create a secure network – this allows small value transactions at high speeds, and it’s important to note the fact that this also eliminnates high blockchain fees.

Check out more details about all this and more available info on the issue from the official notes that are posted on the original website.

Bitcoin in the news

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