Bitcoin Supporters Highlight The Strong Performance Of The Digital Asset

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Today, Bitcoin is trading in the red at the moment of writing this article, just like other digital assets in the crypto space.

It’s been revealed that the payments giant Venmo went down a few days ago, and they left users wondering when the platform would be going up again.

The complaints started to come, and BTC enthusiasts began pointing out to the fact that the BTC network is up and running since back in 2009, and it had a flawless track record without any interruption since back in 2013.

Failed log-in attempts and transfers

The online publication the Daily Hodl writes that “DownDetectors revealed that complaints on Venmo spiked in the morning and began tapering off after a two-hour period, with users writing in about failed log-in attempts and transfers.”

It’s been also revealed that the outage became intermittent, and some users were able to make transactions and transfer while others could not.

It also seems that the support team at the PayPal subsidiary did not offer any indication that this was related to a previously scheduled maintenance.

People seemed really disappointed and they made this clear in the comments.

For instance, someone said: “It’d be great to get a timeframe for when it will be back up, as well as an explanation of what the issue is.”

Another follower posted this: “I don’t think THEY even know what it is yet considering how tight-lipped they’re being about the whole thing. Reports of the app not functioning properly started around 5:30 am so a swift solution is all but out of the question.”

Someone else said that they “learned my lesson to transfer my money the second I get it and not leave anything in your hands. Disappointing for me but could be and probably is a lot worse for a lot of people. I hope we all get access to our funds soon!”

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