Bitcoin Targets $100k, Trader Tone Vays Predicts

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It’s been just revealed that crypto trader Tone Vays said that Bitcoin targets $100k in the coming months.

Vays predicted about Bitcoin’s sizeable rally from late July to early September where BTC surged from $32k to $52k.

He expects strong rallies for BTC before hitting resistance just above ATH around $68,000.

“I’m probably going to expect a repeat of this situation, and if we make a repeat of that situation, that takes us right into a new all-time high at $68,000 or maybe a little bit less,” he said.

He continued and said: “We will probably have significant resistance at the MRI resistance line and after getting stuck there, probably into November, maybe as late as mid-November, I then expect a huge breakout from this area $(68,000) into the $100,000 area into end of year or through the end of year into January-February. Either way, these are my targets. I remain very bullish right now.”

Vays said that he sees Bitcoin threatening to take out its ATHs potentially early next month before making a parabolic move into $100k by the time 2022 rolls around. He said that BTC could explode in October the same way it did in 2013.

“Just like before, in early October or mid-October, I expect us to start challenging the prior all-time highs and then a huge run-up at the end of the year. Like mid-October into late December, I’m expecting us to go from that $65,000 all the way to $100,000. That is still my target.”

Bitcoin vs. gold

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Saylor just posted a comparison between Bitcoin and gold and you can check it out below.

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