It has been revealed that Bitcoin will become the top of the food chain. Check out the latest optimistic predictions about BTC below.

Bitcoin new predictions are out

Peter Brandt, a respected trader with a history of making accurate predictions, believes that Bitcoin will become the dominant asset class in the long term.

In a recent tweet to his 696,800 followers, Brandt stated that Bitcoin will eventually break free from its correlation with stocks and gold, and will become the benchmark for other asset classes.

According to Brandt, this shift will take time, but it is inevitable that Bitcoin will emerge as the leader.

The correlation of BTC to other markets is insignificant. BTC will remain the dominant cryptocurrency.

This is the only important factor to consider. It is not relevant how BTC correlates with gold, stocks, or the economy. What matters is how these things correlate with Bitcoin.

According to Brandt, it’s just a matter of time before regulators in the US approve a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund based on spot prices. However, he predicts that when the approval does happen, it may not result in a significant market reaction.

This is also his view regarding the Bitcoin halving set to take place in April 2024. Brandt believes that markets tend to anticipate events well in advance, making them a non-event when they occur.

With his experience of 48 years in the market, he has observed that markets usually discount events before they happen.

Therefore, it could potentially be a situation where people buy the rumor and sell the fact.

Bitcoin latest price predictions

According to Merten, the host of DataDash with over 511,000 subscribers on YouTube, Bitcoin is currently facing a major obstacle and may experience a sudden drop.

Merten highlights that Bitcoin has been fluctuating within a resistance range of $28,000 to $32,000, the same range where buyers had previously offered support in the last cycle. However, this range has now turned into resistance since it was broken in June 2022.

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