An individual who goes by the name of Credible Crypto is expressing optimism about Bitcoin’s future. According to the trader, Bitcoin will achieve a new all-time high before 2023 concludes. Credible Crypto, who has 346,400 followers on X, a social media platform, believes that Bitcoin could rise by around 157% from its current level by the end of the year.

Bitcoin new optimistic prediction

The trader stated that the move from $28,000 to $70,000, which is a rise of about $40,000, will take four months, with twice as much time as the last move.

Despite the significant upward movement that has yet to occur, Credible Crypto is not deterred, stating that the longer the consolidation, the more aggressive the expansion will be, implying that the timeline will not be disrupted.

Bitcoin is trading at $27,206 at time of writing.

According to an anonymous trader, if Bitcoin continues to remain within a narrow range, it may cast doubt on the optimistic predictions.

The trader states that if the current market conditions persist for another two months without a significant breakthrough, they would be more skeptical about the possibility of reaching new highs this year.

However, with four months remaining, it would be illogical to completely dismiss the idea of a significant price increase, given the available data.

Credible Crypto had previously forecasted that Bitcoin would surpass its previous highest value in November 2021 and climb to over $100,000.

Bitcoin other predictions are out

DonAlt, a pseudonymous analyst, has informed the TechnicalRoundup YouTube channel’s 53,000 subscribers that Bitcoin could experience a minor surge if a spot BTC exchange-traded fund (ETF) is permitted in the United States.

According to DonAlt, if the ETF were to be approved, it could result in a significant increase in BTC value, possibly by 10% to 20%. However, there may also be interesting consequences following this.

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