It has been just revealed that Bitcoin’s price will go much higher over the next decade. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Bitcoin could rise over the following decade

According to on-chain analyst Willy Woo, Bitcoin (BTC) is expected to experience significant growth in the next decade due to its current level of adoption.

Woo, who has a large following on Twitter, believes that BTC has not yet reached the midpoint of its adoption S-curve, and that there is still ample room for further expansion.

S-curves are commonly used to illustrate the path of technology adoption, which typically starts slow, accelerates rapidly, and ultimately reaches a stable state.

Woo, said the following:

“Why Bitcoin will outperform in the next decades?

Adoption S-curve on money, which is half of everything.

Currently 4% of world population, it’s going much higher.”

Woo predicts significant growth in the long term, but anticipates a possible decline or consolidation in the short term.

“Mean reversion forces now dominating Bitcoin price action.

Sideways or down is easier than up.

Fundamentals suggest we need a phase of cool down to reset things.”

This element to boost Bitcoin’s value

In a recent blog post, Hayes predicts that Bitcoin’s rapid rise in the next decade will be largely driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

He explains that blockchain technology’s transparency and strict regulations, which cannot be altered by a single entity, make it an attractive platform for AI to embrace.

“For an AI that is not human and does not intrinsically understand human ‘laws,’ this risk of being de-platformed is high and undesirable. AIs will need a digital payments system with clear and transparent rules that are applied regardless of who is transacting or what is being paid for on the network. There can be no singular entity with the power to arbitrarily change the rules of the game whenever it pleases.”

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