Bitcoin To Reach $280,000 At The End Of 2027

There have been all kinds of bold predictions about the price for the king coin these days.

One of them is Bitcoin hitting $100k and now, another interesting, bold prediction surfaces., claiming that BTC will reach $280k.

Today, the crypto market looks pretty good, with most of the coins trading in the green.

Bitcoin is an exception, and the king coin is currently priced at $11,414.26, and the coin is trading in the red.

New Bitcoin bold prediction surfaces

Dave the Wave is a popular crypto strategist, and you may recall that he predicted Bitcoin’s big correction from back in 2019.

Now, he’s back with another prediction, and this one is more bullish.

He is highlighting a new outlook from entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor Bob Loukas:

He continued and pointed out the fact that “In response, I believe you’re going to see coordinated full attack that will send crypto into savage + prolonged bear market. (Time+Price). Of course, it will adapt. Engineers will dig deeper. And in many ways, that act will serve as its right of passage.”

Bitcoin to hit $280k in 2027

Dave predicted that after the current bull market, the king coin would be going through a really strong correction for a few years before it will restart a new boom cycle that will be catapulting the value of BTC to $280k in 2027.

Here’s what he had to say:

Someone responded: “Volatility will decrease as prices go higher…more bitcoin will be HODL’d as a reserve asset..and more will be buying it on any weakness. I don’t see any more major price corrections once it passes $100K. It will act more like a reserve currency.”

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